Quark Lepton Columbia, South Carolina

Commercial jingles for frosting eaten by spacemen.

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Track Name: The Ballad of Being Kidnapped for Christmas (By Some Ray-Men)
I'll be home for Christmas but I'll be the only one
Remembering laughs and presents, and times of joy and fun
Snow is on the trees and I'm drinking Jack for three
Since my baby and my baby left me

December is the cruelest month, frost is on the ground
I hear the echo of little feet that no longer can be found
This house is empty now but I'll pay the rent somehow
And first I'll spend some money on this round

Whiskey is like Santa Claus, it gives me what I want
And soon I can't remember all the things I haven't got
Then a portal opens wide and I'm on the other side
And a voice says to enjoy the cosmic ride

Cause I've been kidnapped for Christmas by some Ray-Men
They beamed me up in their bright ship
And soon enough I'll find I'm sailing clear across the night
And I'll never miss you again

The wind is whistling on the plains, it's summertime on Mars
And my new hosts take me to all the best juke joints and bars
My heart is on my sleeve and I'm drinking gasoline
And I'll never be homesick again