by Quark Lepton

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This album was created with guitars, banjo, keyboard, voices, glockenspiel, tambourine, shaker/ guiro, cajon, synth, drums, Monotribe, Stylophone, xaphoon, accordion, toy piano, plastic box, handclaps, foot stomps, toy piano, drum machine, and a floor tom.

Thanks: Bill, T(h)om(as), Perrin, Kelley, Sean, Charles, Tim, Stephanie, Ross, Scott, Josh, Gravidudes, and all hearts, sweet or otherwise.


released February 18, 2013

TC Costello: accordion on "Landlord's Daughter", xaphoon on "A Darkest Part", toy piano on "Birds"
Smokey Green: intro vocals on "Landlord's Daughter"
Kelley Mclachlan: lead vocals, guitar, music & lyrics on "Don't Tell Me I Can't Love You"
Perrin Skinner: lead and background vocals, additional lyrcis on "Your Heart Will Betray You"
Sean Thompson: bass on "Don't Tell Me I Can't Love You", guitar solos on "How Many Sweethearts" and "A Darkest Part"
Charles Tomlinson: drums and percussion on "Don't Tell Me I Can't Love You".

Kind instrument donation: Bill Elliott, Downtown Church.

Songs by Steve Nuzum, except where otherwise noted.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Quark Lepton Columbia, South Carolina

Commercial jingles for frosting eaten by spacemen.

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Track Name: Birds
And the stars were alive
Cause they moved on the waves
And the birds swooped down from the sky
Like fighter planes
And the lake in the night
Was a desolate plain
And the island was like a cathedral

And the pilgrimage of yachts
And the shopping cart boats
With the cameras all flashing
And me taking notes
And the desolate feeling
That never quite goes
And the hair that I found on my pillow

When the damn breaks like a tyrant
And creates a new beach
And the mermaids wash up
Singing each one to each
Will the birds still be jostling
The limbs of the trees
And shitting in the mud-orange surf?

And the wounds that your teeth made
Will never quite heal
And it's ten thousand years
Til I learn how to feel
And I don't have to hear you
Tell me it's real
Track Name: A Darkest Part
In the recesses of my heart
There is a darkest part
That pumps out the blackest blood
Memories rise up like a flood

I called you once, you didn't hear
Wished that I could hold you near
I came upon these things you'd had
The hours wrought a changing point of view

The words were small that could have made it better
My heart could have called on your heart but I knew
That the sharp blade that it would take to sever
Those bleeding cords was cheaper than being true

In the recesses of my heart
There is a darkest part
That pumps out the blackest blood
Memories rise up like a flood
Track Name: Cheerleader
The night we met, I felt the clouds had parted
And your radiant smile was the only light I saw
But now...

I wanna die every time
I see you walk around with the other guy
But you don't care...

It was that first kiss that sealed my fate forever
And haunted by you was all I'd ever be
But now it's just 10th grade and your my cheerleader lover
And even if you stop cheering I'll hear your songs forever
And on the football green we made sweet music together

If you asked me to, I'd take you back in a second
And forget all of the mean things you put me through
But now it's late at night and I can hear the city's high voltage calling
I can smell your hair and see your pom-poms waving

And I wanna die every time
I think about the ways that you clenched my life
In your whitewashed teeth, in your red lipstick
And I wanna die every time
I see you in the arms of that other guy
But you don't care, and he's the quarterback
Track Name: Don't Tell Me I Can't Love You (featuring Post Timey String Band & Code Name: Juan)
Well I saw you walking all alone last night
But I'd like to see your face in the morning light
So I'll follow you closely, but not too close behind
Got a feeling in my heart that is wrong but feels so right

Well I was walking in the park just to ease a troubled mind
I was looking for an answer, searching for a sign
When a strange sensation shivered up and down my spine
And I started to walk faster when I heard you come from behind

You better run (I'd better run)
Because I like the way you run
You better race (I'd better race)
Because I sure like the chase
Be terrified (I'm terrified)
I like that look in your eyes
Now be afraid (I'm so afraid)
I like that look on your face

Now I'm knocking down your door and I'm coming inside
You keep telling me no but that's a word that I like
Don't tell me I can't love you 'cause it sure feels nice
To pull your body closer and stare in your shaking eyes

Well I try to pull away, but I just can't resist
Your clinging arms and your uninvited kiss
But somehow I always knew that it would end up just like this
So I'll stay here in your crawlspace in domestic bliss
Track Name: How Many Sweethearts
How many sweethearts will it take to replace you?
How many long nights and car rides and fist fights will it take
To erase you?

How many sweethearts will it take to replace you?
How many one nights and cab rides and plan flights will it take
To escape you?

My friends all say you're just an idea to me
But I would lie to myself gladly

How many sweethearts will it take to replace you?
How many tears dried and hurt pride and hard nights will it take
To forgive you?

My friends all say you're just an idea to me
But I would lie to myself gladly

How many sweethearts...?
Track Name: Your Heart Will Betray You (with Perrin Skinner))
You trusted your heart and it led you to me
You listened to those dark beats once more and they led you away
You listened to that pagan drum once again
Your heart will betray you in the end

Skeletons of the past, they clank and they moan
Your heart says meet them when it should say "run"
It's been that same way since time began
Your heart will betray you in the end

The right hand hides from the left hand's gaze
And you carry the scars to the end of your days
In these woods it's so hard just to find a friend
Your heart will betray you in the end
Track Name: Second Person
When the shimmering splendor of the sunset is over
And the stars signal paths from beyond,
When sleep beside yourself or beside a lover,
Do you see my face in your dreams since I'm gone?
Do you wonder how I'm getting on?

Is your life better now that we've parted,
Better now that our path's torn in two?
Do you regret all the plans that we've started,
Seeking comfort in somebody new?
Are you happy or sad that we're through?

What's his name or her name, or their aliases?
And what do you do with them when you're alone?
It's been months, still I talk in second person
And pretend that we have built some kind of home
And know that lonely is even worse than alone

Since you're gone
I forget your face and your name and your scent
Since you're gone
You know I'm alone and stupid
Track Name: Means Dried Up
Last night I had the strangest dream
I woke and stared through ceiling beams
The night was all around

The sky was blackened, shot with stars
I heard your voice from passing cars
You're all over town

And loneliness is killing me
But solitude is ecstasy
And all you ever were to me
Is dirt in the ground
I dreamed your words
A siren song
I heard you curse
And aeon long
And I decided to be strong
But gave in, instead

Last night I had the strangest dream
I tore apart a cosmic seam
Your ashes on the ground
The briny sea I called my home
I floated waiting, all alone
A desiccated man
Track Name: Christmas in Space (album version)
It's the first Christmas I've spent alone
Since you left me
There's no one but robots to witness
The tears on my face
And nothing but their cold metal arms
To console me
Since I'm spending Christmas alone and in space

In the spaceship, there's no room for trees or for presents
And no one to sit with and talk by the fireside
And out of the portholes I see
Endless black heavens
And I'm cursing all my mistakes and your foolish pride

Christmas in space, Christmas in space
Oh I'm wishing that I could spend it back
With you and the human race
I'm tired of powdered dinners
My life here it seems like a waste
Don't wanna spend Christmas alone, and in space

I got drunk the first eight days of Christmas
With Unit Seven
And was layed up in the infirmary for days
And I wish I could call you up and say
That I'm sorry
But there's no frequency for phonecalls on Christmas, in space